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School membership EASSW Fee is per year. Please check out the Categories and Fee Structure page for more information on the fee structure and payment instructions.

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Use the form below to begin the registration process. Note: Fields with an * are required.

Application form

This is very important for us in order to identify members and the payment!
In case you forgot your Member N°, please fill in 9999. Wait with the payment until we have sent your Member N° by e-mail.
In case of a new member, put 0000 and wait with the payment until you have received an e-mail with your N°.

School from level A country: 200 EUROS
School from level B country: 100 EUROS
Individuals: 30 Euro

Contact person in SW Education

Admin contact responsible for finance

We yearly send an invoice by post to all the member addresses of our database. Do you want to receive a receipt by e-mail after payment?

Compulsory: Expertise
Candidates who apply from countries out of Europe have to provide specific reasons to register including informations with regard on cultural and historical links with Europe. Do you have specific expertise in your SW department/faculty relevant for exchange on a European level? We plan to advertise the information on this website.

Optional: Request
Do you have requests for EASSW? For example: organising a seminar on a specific topic, being present at one of your (national) activities, any other...

Any questions about the membership registration may be directed to the membership administration:
Secretary EASSW
Phone: 0033 388­ 211 991

Follow us on:!/EASSW


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