Categories and Fee Structure

Since 2006, the new fee structure will only have two categories:
  • Schools from level A countries will pay a yearly fee of 200 EUROS
  • Schools from level B countries will pay a yearly fee of 100 EUROS

As of the year 2006, no new discount agreements for collective membership payments will be made. Present arrangements may continue as long as they last, provided that there is no discontinuity from one year to the next.
Level A countries will mostly consist of the EU 15 and the EFTA countries (see list). Level B countries will consist of the remaining European countries (see list). The new fee structure takes account of the trend towards larger schools in Western, Central and Eastern Europe while not discouraging large schools from membership. And countries with a lower per capita income pay a much reduced fee.

Payment instructions:

EASSW is registered in the Netherlands at the Chamber of Commerce in Maastricht under the number: 40205652

Payment should be made in Euro (NO OTHER CURRENCY) by bank transfer only once you receive the invoice from our administrator with your new membership number. 
With the invoice you will receive the information about our bank account.

Please ensure you add YOUR SCHOOL NUMBER OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP and THE NAME AND ADDRESS of your bank payment.

and Please inform your bank that no charges can be imposed on the beneficiary. Subsequently payments should be made: 'Without charges for the beneficiary.'

Due to the high payment charges we strongly advise you not to pay by banker or postal cheque.

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